2017 / Karaoke screens at Two Brewers Karaoke club, shot on an iPhone 4

Karaoke bars aren't always home to revolutionaries, innovators or people who will change the world. But they're filled with fellas in blue jeans dancing with a bold queen. Mamas with babies on their shoulders. Sons of preacher men, ladies in red. Daydream believers and homecoming queens. Your brother Cliff whose fist can tell your lip. Your Aunt Louise, anything you please. Stick around and you might even see a man brought to life, whose warm and came around like he was dignified. Turnaround, you’ll see that every now and then they get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by. Cos they’re just ordinary people, they don’t know which way to go. Karaoke gives all of them the chance to be the star, if only for a night, if only for one song.

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karaoke print 3.jpg