2017 / Wizard of OZ reenactment starring a cast of adults who played the same roles at their different primary schools during the 90s / Conceived of and directed by Tenaya Steed, who also designed and made the set and costumes / DOP Jake Kelsall / Production Assistant Tristan Hemsworth / Exhibited at INTO THE DARK, Dalston

Read about the making of OZ REENACTMENT here


I put an ad out. I plastered posters up. I leafleted in the streets - “Were you the Scarecrow?” I’d ask as the flyer left my hands. I wanted a reenactment. I wanted us, people who’d all played our different roles in different plays at different schools, people who hadn’t acted since and had all gone on to do different things and lead different lives, to come together and honour what at one point would have been hugely significant to us, but has since become downplayed, diluted with time.