There are unknown troupers everywhere. Long-standing entertainers who are known to put the troupe first. They are easy to spot, working the crowd of day-to-day walkers, shoppers, friends, strangers – but it is a painful truth that they will almost certainly go their whole lives feeling as if they were never noticed at all.  Just another face in a tiresome bouquet of wallflowers and shrinking violets.  They’ve been in the game longer than your Great Nan, or whoever the oldest person you’ve seen in real life and for sure know their age might be (which I suspect, if you really ask yourself, will be your Great Nan). They stand together like the world’s most awkward pop group. The charismatic taxi driver on vocals. The devoted football fan on keyboard. A chorus of karaoke singers. All those rare folks with nicknames that stuck, like stage names for the daily grind. They’ve been rehearsing since they learnt what TV was, and at any given moment you’ll be adoring them from the crowd as they turn on the charm. In the taxi cab. Or on mufti day. At the bar, at the fete. Cinderella’s stand-in has bigger feet. The pageant girls practiced six nights in a row. Congratulations, Round of applause everyone, Come again next year, Remember to take your belongings with you, Get home safe, We couldn’t have done it without you.

Words and poster by Tenaya   04.01.18