In December, I read that the Arts Council sees my home Gloucester as a 'culture cold spot' - the only English city on a list of towns. The same day I learnt that The National UFO Reporting Centre has recently documented an all-time low in sightings. But imagine if flying saucers did come visit, imagine if they chose Gloucester? I decided to make this real by reaching out to local teenagers to fake UFO sightings across the city. We used duct tape and empty film reels from Gloucester scrap store to make props, photographing them with disposable cameras to revive the dying art of 1970s UFO hoaxes. We created signals in the sky, proving if not that there's life out there, that there's life right here in a culture desert like Gloucester. 

I’m now touring other so-called ‘desert towns’ with my imaginary magazine Shaffie (named after a taxi driver I met in Scunthorpe) to fake more sightings and form a connected narrative of the culture that does exist. See more at www.desert-towns.com!