This empty grape packet has been used by my house mate as a purse throughout the short few weeks we’ve been living together in our equally empty, furniture-less house.

Long before her grape packet, came my cigarette tin. Unlike the second hand army boots I used to wear when I was 15, I didn’t start using the tin as a makeshift purse in any attempt to be cool. It just happened, finding its way into my life so seamlessly that I hardly noticed. Suddenly I was the girl with the tin, with no explanation of how either of us had got there, or who’d found who first.

Cue years of ‘get a real purse’ heckles before finally losing my tin on a drunk night out and being left - to this day - with no purse at all.

What does the way we store our money say about us? Is the crumpled fiver in the back pocket of a pair of jeans really worth the same as the flat £5 note kept in the film sleeve of a leather wallet? Can it really be a coincidence that the flat wallet fiver was spent on a cappuccino-to-go and the crumpled jeans fiver on 1 packet of dried pasta, a jar of Sainsbury’s own pesto, 3 packets of super noodles, a can of Red Stripe and 2 packets of bacon all put through self service as ‘loose potatoes’? !

Maybe not, but the grapes were originally from bloody M&S - so riddle me that one.