16 things that happened to my 16 year olds in 2016


I tutor GCSE English to a bunch of kids in Deptford. One lesson I had them write a list of things that happened to them in 2016, hoping to come away from Brexit, Trump and all of the other headlines that had stolen the limelight from people's everyday lives that year. Here is a selection of 16 events that happened to my 16 year olds in 2016, in their own words:

First time I woke up before 6.30 in the morning

I lived with my nan for a while

Stressed about exams

I watched the Euro 2016 match every day

I started year 11

My mum went on holiday

Sang my last performance at Lewisham live

Our TV was yet again destroyed because my dad threw a phone at it

Olympics 2016 were the worst yet

My English teacher transformed from calm to annoying

Watching the final on TV with my family and pizza

I got addicted to fish and stopped eating chicken

Became leader of my choir cos my teacher left

I went to Camber Sands beach with my family and we found out the next day that 3 people had drowned

Went to wales

I had more fun towards the end